1 min readSep 7, 2017


You know it only happens in fiction

There; you believe anything, effortlessly

In real life, it’s absurd to the point of ridicule

Everyone has a selfish motive, has an angle

They want something. Something I tell you

That’s what we were told

By people who are greater than me and you

Therefore you believe, but you are clever

You test it. Check with references,

Consult studies. Scientific ones no less

It’s true. There is no such thing

You are pleased, comfortable with your cleverness

Life consolidates. Life teaches. Life punishes

One can’t argue with life lessons. Can you?

you become bold to the point of cockiness

you argue like a god,

WhatsApp bring it on,

Facebook why not!

No forum left behind!

All of sudden as if it’s designed

Someone walks into your life like a black swan

With a heart bigger than Trump’s ego

Love comes with reckless abandon

Poof, everything is shattered,

Your carefully nurtured cleverness. Adios.

All the great people are incorrect, as usual

Scientific studies, of course, incomplete!

Life lessons. Oh! they just started.

True love is real and rare




Ekum Sat There is only one truth. This is the sum and total of Eastern thought, Santana Dharma.