Three pearls of wisdom. No Shit.

4 min readOct 3, 2017


Kiran Boggavarapu

Three Pearls of Wisdom. No shit.

I am going to share with you a secret. No. In fact, three secrets. These three pearls of wisdom, I learned in a rather painful way, from a wise, beautiful and equally wonderful, gender-free (WTF, do not ask), interesting person. Hey, who said that knowledge comes easy.

But you are the lucky one.

You are going to get all this wise-shit without going through any of the painful turmoil that I went through. You are welcome. Lucky you.

But Stop.

There is more good news for you. If you recite these mantras every day, I guarantee you a pain-free, impulsive-less, controlled passion, cold demure and relatively peaceful attitude. Of course, those who are close to you and loved you, some of them at least, go into an endless emotional shock and spiral down into the vortex of don’t-know-what-do-with-this-shit world. But do not you worry. As you are going to master these no-shit mantras, none of that BS bothers you. Isn’t that a daisy? Hurrah, you are already on the way of liberation from human drama to wonderful AI dream world.

Here we go.

It’s OK. Simple. Right. Say it again. It’s OK. These five letter wonder words are your first step of liberation from human drama. By saying it loudly and repeatedly, you are preparing yourself for any eventuality. You are always ready, even if the shit goes south. In fact, you are MORE ready for things that are ready to go bad. Because IT’s OK. That’s right. You are ready to give it up and ready to let it go, ready let the shit slide and ready for everything. These words, if you say it to someone, it immediately disarms him or her. They expect you to cry rolling over in the dirt like a pig on a frying pan. But. You do not. No shit to hold you down. BOOM. They got no leverage. You are out of that drama crap. You washed off your hands. Ready to roll again. By saying this often, you enter into the emotion-free Zen-like state. It frees you. Because. You give a shit and that’s OK. Wow. It is empowering. It’s liberating. This is what Buddha learned and perched, after wasting half of his life. Poor guy.

It gets easier. This mantra saves you from any emotional-shit left out in your system even after you apply the first mantra piously. Time heals. Every shitty stuff gets better over the time or you get used to it, whichever fuck comes first. It does not matter. It gets better. Trust me. There is no other way. This mantra is mainly for you. Or. Say it to any fucker that got screwed. Even though they got shafted by you, tell them confidently and effortlessly, “It gets easier”. They will thank you. And you feel good. Look at you, the wonderful angel.

Just one more. One last thing.

Just to be clear. Sorry folks. The mantras are getting bigger. But this is an essential one. You really need it. Eventually, you are going to kick someone in the balls. It’s inevitable. It’s Nature. It’s karma. Whatever it is, someone is eventually going to fall into the bottomless pit mostly because of you. They are ready to blame the shit out of somebody. Their first and obvious choice is YOU. For that, you need a defensive mantra. This is the mantra. During the course of any conversation keep saying just to be clear, just to be clear. Whether it is clear or not just do not give a flying fuck. Just say it. By repeatedly saying it, that fucker gets thoroughly confused and remembers shit. Yep! And that exactly what you want. Eventually and with everyone, shit hits the fan. There is no escape from it. At that critical time, you need a fucking humongous poncho. When these fuckers start throwing emotional bombs at you with their love-filled puppy eyes, you can cut that shit quite easily. Just to be clear and say whatever the fuck you want to say. Tell them you made your point ‘clear’ several times, and just to be clear you say it again. If those fuckers do not get it that’s not your fucking problem. It’s their shit now. You are in the clear.

Of course, none of this shit works for you, if you are dying from no-hope-at-all-terminal cancer or some-other-shit-no-one-can-help-you-with, but otherwise, you are good to go. Start reciting.

I know. You are overwhelmed. This shit is heavy. But remember. It’s OK, it gets easier and just to be clear read the fucking thing again.





Ekum Sat There is only one truth. This is the sum and total of Eastern thought, Santana Dharma. My goal is to derive everything from this single truth.