Quantum Love

Quantum Love

1 min readSep 26, 2017


Quantum Love

You want clarity, certainty, coherence, predictability,

love; localized

Emotional momentum; well-defined,

Thoughts; well categorized

future; known in advance

no surprises, no kinks, no new, no nothing

everything, determined

you are a particle,

you are a Newtonian

I wish to be like you

probability says I can never be

I dwell in duality

My existence is a quantum collapse

My love is multidimensional

If you localize me

My love momentum is unknown

If you know how wildly I love

I can’t be located with certainty

I am the one; only one,

If you integrate me all over the infinity

My Love engulfs you

Not like a moon to the earth;

Fixed, predictable and boring

More like an electron to the nucleus

Sometimes very close; sometimes bit far

All over the place; but all around you

nonlocal, unfixed, but never unbound

Distance doesn’t diminish my love

we are not just connected but entangled

I am Dirac, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, De Broglie;

I can’t just be one but all in one

You are my macro existence

I am your subatomic soul

  • Kiran Boggavarapu




Ekum Sat There is only one truth. This is the sum and total of Eastern thought, Santana Dharma.