Lord Ganesh, in Midjourney

5 min readSep 18, 2023


I have compiled various styles of Lord Ganesh through Midjourney.

Here I post the minimal prompt, all are version 5.2. and picture from the Midjourney


Ganesh, Mandala

Ganesha. golden. cosmic. magical. vector. bold. rainbow accents. sacred geometry. symmetrical. black background

Vector flat flyer, flyer flat vector 2d vintage style retro image of a lord ganesha surrounded by mexican ornamental elements such as mates, flowers, colors red, light brown and turquoise, doodle art style, colorful, , hi quality, 4k resolution

Siddhi Ganapati ganesha, in style of gold red and orange, the lord god of wealth painting 1280 x 800 with gane, he holds an axe, sugarcane mango and flower in his four hands, cupcake on his trunck, fire red orange gold star galaxy background

Ganesh, madhubani style

Ganesh, Naive art

Ganesh, rorschach inkblot

Ganehs, Kinetic art

Ganesh, dark white and blue

Ganesh, Alex Janvier

Ganesh, Antonietta Raphael Mafai

Bill Brandt, Ganesh

Cerith Wyn Evans, GAnesh

Charles Landseer, GAnesh

Ganesh, David Bomberg -

Donald Sultan, Ganesh

Elaine Fried de Kooning, Ganesh

Ganesh, abstract painting style

Ganesh, Cubism

Ganesh, Frank Miller

Ganesh, Friedel Dzubas,

James Pradier, GAnesh

GAnesh, Fred Sandback

Ganesh, Giovani dal Ponte

GAnesh, Ivon Hitches

GAnesh, Ivon Hitchens

Ganesh, Jeanette Psin Sloan

GAnesh, Jeffrey Smart

Ganesh, John Bellany

Ganesh, John Duncan

GAnesh, john Heartfield

Ganesh, Joseph Clement Coll

Ganesh, Lawrence poons

Ganesh, Leon Levinstein

Ganesh, Louis Aston Knight

GAnesh, Lygia Pape

GAnesh, Lynda Benglis

Ganesh, malangatana

GAnesh, Miguel covarrubias,

Ganesh, Oscar Bluhm

GAnesh, paul Cornoyer

GAnesh, Richard Pousette-Dart

GAnesh, Rinaldo Cueno

GAnesh, Sonia Delaunay

Ganesh, Stanely William Hayter

Ganesh, Takashi Murakami -

Ganesh , Thomas de Keyser

GAnesh, Torii Kotondo

GAnesh, Utagawa Toyokuni II

GAnesh, xul Solar

GAnesh, Yves Brayer




Ekum Sat There is only one truth. This is the sum and total of Eastern thought, Santana Dharma.